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Countryside Management

There are very few areas of the countryside that are not managed in some way and gamekeepers have played a very large part in the shaping of the British countryside for hundreds of years.

Some examples of managed countryside include:

  • Nature reserves
  • Moorland
  • Country estates
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • National Parks
  • Farmland

Our countryside is managed in many and various ways, be it to maximise the crops from the ground, to provide trees for wood related products or to provide habitats for wildlife.

Managed Countryside

Who Manages Our Countryside

Did you know that gamekeepers in the UK manage more than 15 million acres of land - an area larger than Scotland.

The Gamekeeper

Their role is a balancing act, ensuring predators are controlled, providing the best habitat for developing species, protecting the endangered and maximising the yield from the land. For the gamekeeper Managing the Countryside is a way of life.

The Government Agency

Organisations such as the Forestry Commission manage vast swathes of land used for providing wood products, but also providing safe areas for public recreational activities.

The Farmer

The farmer's role is to maximise the yield of the crop from the ground, the produce from the animal, whilst ensuring the environment is healthy and balanced. They also play a vital role in maintaining endangered species of flora and fauna.

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