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The Grey Partridge - Past Present and Future

This resource is aimed at A-level, college and university students. However the powerpoint presentation has been designed to be viewed by interested parties at all levels.

National Curriculum Links

Key StageGeographyScience
3Place knowledge
Human and physical geography
Biology - Interactions and interdependencies
4N/ABiology - ecosystems

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Science programmes of study

Geography programmes of study

Welsh Curriculum Links

Key StageGeographyScience
3Skills Locating places, environments and patterns 1, 2
Understanding places, environments and processes 3
Communicating 3
Range Topic links in with suggested areas to be studied
Skills Communication 1, 2
Range Interdependence of organisms 4, 5, 6
4Skills Communication 1, 3
Range Interdependence of organisms 1
Environment, Earth and Universe 1
Skills Communication 1, 2
Grey Partridge resources

The grey partridge is a Biodiversity Action Plan species lead by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. This resource contains a wealth of information about this species, including the history of its decline and all of the factors involved including habitat, gamekeeping and the use of herbicides and insecticides.

This resource includes:



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