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Heather Moorland Management

This package has been produced for a target audience of older pupils or adults. Trials suggest it may also prove a valuable resource for Wildlife Management students or 'A' level candidates in Geography and Biology.

National Curriculum Links

Key StageGeographyScience
3Place knowledge
Human and physical geography
Biology - Interactions and interdependencies
4N/ABiology - ecosystems

Further information is available here

Science programmes of study

Geography programmes of study

Welsh Curriculum Links

Key StageGeographySciencePSE
3Skills Looking at threatened environments
Locating places, environments and patterns
1, 3
Communicating 1
Range Interdependence of organisms 4, 6Supports aspects of the PSE curriculum
4Range Organisms & health 1
Environment, Earth and Universe 1
Skills Communication 1, 2Supports aspects of the PSE curriculum
Heather Moorland Management

We live in an era in which there is now a growing recognition that 'wise use' rather than 'protectionism' is a more constructive long term conservation policy. Well managed grouse moors are clearly involved in activities that benefit the maintenance of this internationally important habitat and its unique diversity of moorland species.

This package includes

The NGO Educational Trust are indebted to the many individuals and organisations who have provided material, especially high quality photographs. Particular thanks must also go to Amanda Anderson at the Moorland Association, Dr Stephen Tapper and Julie Ewald at The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and to Lindsay Waddell who has provided guidance and advice throughout the project.



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