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Kids Country - Food and Farming Day

Brian Hayes reports:

"I was feeling a little apprehensive come Friday morning, we had the NGO ET roadshow set up at East of England Show Ground, near Peterborough, and waiting for the onset of 4,000 schoolchildren, which is a massive number for a one day event.

I needn't have worried though, the organisers had done a great job and made sure that at no time were we swamped with numbers. It turned out to be a grand day with a steady flow of interested, well behaved groups who took time to listen to what we had to say.

I had some help with retired Shropshire keeper Steph Brewer who did a sterling job passing on his experience and as always my wife Yvonne whose job it is to spend time talking to the teachers and explaining how our freely available curriculum linked Educational Resources can benefit them in class."

African produce
African produce
British tomato grower
Products from the cow
Steph & Yvonne await the next group
Yvonne talks to the teacher
Steph talks to the children
African producer
British mushroom grower
British mushrooms


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