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Englefield Estate School Days

By kind permission of Mr. Richard Benyon MP local children from all over the surrounding area visited the beautiful Englefield Estate in Berkshire to enjoy a learning experience in the countryside.

The National Gamekeepers Educational Trust provided a number of displays to assist the Englefield keepers to explain to groups of children and their teachers the role of the gamekeeper in Sustainable Countryside Management. The groups discussed the need for habitat management and the importance of predator control necessary to maintain the balance. Being in the Englefield Deer Park there was also a display showing the need for Deer Management and what happens to the resulting meat. It was interesting to note the number of teachers and children who eat and enjoy venison on a regular basis.

Once again this annual event provided a great learning experience wonderfully organised by the Englefield Staff

Englefield 2015 - learning about traps
Englefield 2015 - learning about traps
Englefield 2015 - learning about birds
Englefield 2015 - learning about deer
Englefield 2015 - smaller animals
Englefield House
Englefield church


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