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Health and Safety Guidance for Visits

Whether you are a landowner, gamekeeper or school teacher, there is a joint responsibility to provide safe activities in a safe environment. This is where health and safety plays its' part in ensuring we all do the right thing to keep our visitors or charges safe.

The NGO Educational Trust has prepared some sample health and safety assessment forms, complete with sample content, as a guide for landowners, gamekeepers and teachers. These have been produced in Microsoft Word format so that they may be amended to suite the specific situations arising on the estate/farm and the activities being undertaken.

It is important for landowners and gamekeepers to recognise that they are not acting "in loco parentis". The school teachers and authorised escorts are responsible for the children. However, putting in place simple procedures, for instance what to do with a child that has been separated from their group, will make the visit more enjoyable and give peace of mind to the visiting responsible adults.

Keeping safe on estate visits

Health and Safety Forms

The basic health and safety requirements for landowners, gamekeepers and teachers to be aware of areas follows:

Site Assessment - a review of the ares to be visited by the school children, indentifying any potential risks to their welfare. This may include such hazards as uneven surfaces, alighting from coaches, water courses and infection from animal touching.

Activity Assessment - a review of each activity the school children may undertake. For instance setting off traps, working with animals, climbing on machinery etc.

Each hazard area such be identified with the worst case outcome and then mitigated against with actions to be undertaken. For instance, for a digging activity there is a possibility of injury so show the children how to use the spade safely.

Further Help

Members of the National Gamekeepers Educational Trust have lots of experience of educational visits to many different locations. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form on this site if you would like some help understanding the requirements for a safe and enjoyable educational visit.

Go Ahead - make the country come alive for the children!

Sample Forms


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