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guidance for HOSTING VISITS

You Can Make a Difference

Did you know that 49 out of 50 people have never met a gamekeeper? And most people's opinions of gamekeepers are based on what is reported in the media? Here is your chance as a gamekeeper to demonstrate how valuable your role is to the sustainability of our countryside. .

You Could Offer Your Expertise In:

  • Science - biology and nature studies.
  • Geography - land management, agriculture and the social, economic, and environmental implications of gamekeeping.
  • Citizenship - a new subject that will encompass moral and social implications of gamekeeping.
  • Careers - to talk about what you do and how you can make a career in gamekeeping,
  • Art - using the countryside as a stimulus.
  • Music - using the countryside as a stimulus.
  • Design and Technology - the practical skills of your job
Hosting an estate visit


All visitors need to be asked to wear appropriate clothes. In particular long trousers, stout shoes sun cream and hats (insect repellent if necessary). Ask the group leader to provide a first aider and first aid kit, find out who this is. It would also be advisable to have first aid training yourself, or know the policy for the estate.

Remind the group leader in the summer about making sure that the children have plenty to drink. Ask the teacher if they have any special needs e.g. physical disabilities, allergies, and safety issues. Suggest that the more helpers that there are the better, teachers should know the recommended ratios. Make sure you are always free to deal with an emergency; this means that you should not be responsible for a group of your own.


First of all, talk to the teacher by letting the teacher know what expertise you have. Then plan together what is appropriate for the children. Think of things you liked to do as a child, try to make the visit FUN. Get advice from the National Gamekeepers' Organisation Educational Trust. They could also introduce you to someone who can recommend activities or materials they have used before.

Think of all the five senses, what could the children, touch, smell, hear and see that would be new to them and make them remember your visit. Remember that most people only retain the information they receive in the first 10 minutes. Try to avoid talking for long periods of time, The helpers can easily be educated whilst talking to children try to keep them involved.


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Help Improve The Image Of Gamekeeping

  • Talk to people about what you do
  • Adopt a local school and offer to talk to children
  • Entertain organised visits from interested groups in your community
  • Get friends who are parents to approach the local school and tell teachers that their children need to know about gamekeeping as part of their education


Adopt a school


Adopting a School in your area can deliver significant benefits and is a great way to engage with the surrounding community.


get involved

We Can Help

There are NGO Educational Trust people just waiting to help you with any issues you may have. We can answer your questions.


roadshow events


Providing talks and displays can be daunting, we can offer pragmatic guidance to help you deliver informative, engaging talks and displays.



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