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Bellamy Award 2015 at GWCT HQ

...and the winner is...

The NGO Educational Trust’s ‘Bellamy Trophy’ is awarded to Mike Swan.

Joe Dimbleby, editor of Shooting Times, very kindly presented the Educational Trust’s prestigious ‘Bellamy Trophy’ along with a cheque for £250 to the 2015 winner, Mike Swan.

The presentation took place at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s headquarters, Burgate Manor, where Mike is the G&WCT’s Head of Education.

As the citation for the trophy reads: - for the person who has shown initiative in promoting the important role of gamekeeping in sustainable countryside management to the wider public.

Mike Swan said: "I am both delighted and highly honoured to receive the Bellamy Award from the NGO Educational Trust. I have always admired the educational work of the NGO Educational Trust, in explaining the benefits of good game management in the wider countryside. Over thirty years of working in the advisory and education side of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust has given me a unique insight into the good and largely unsung work that gamekeepers do in conserving and managing wildlife, and I count myself lucky to have been able to help promote this.


Posted: 29 Sep 2015


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