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Grey Partridge Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans and Activity Book

The NGO ET is delighted to add a series of lesson plans and an accompanying workbook to the Grey Partridge educational resources.

Created by teacher, Nicola Sutton, the lesson plan series provides teachers with the guidance to make the best use of the fabulous resources about the Grey Partridge. Nicola's work has provided the important link between our fact-filled resources and the classroom, making it easier for teachers to utilise those resources in a way that meets the demands of the National Curriculum.

The lesson plans guide teachers and students alike on a journey of exploration into this Biodiversity Action Plan species. Students will learn about it's life-cycle, habitat and conservation issues such as the relationship of the Grey Partridge numbers to modern farming techniques and predator control..

Nicola will continue to work with the NGO ET to produce further lesson plans for our other teaching resources.

Posted: 22 Apr 2014


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