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NGO Gamekeepers and Wildlife Report

Gamekeepers and Wildlife Report

This fascinating report gives significant facts about the volume and distribution of predators in the UK and sheer size of the gamekeeper managed land.

The report was commissioned by the National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO) and the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association (SGA).

A postal questionnaire (initially mailed to 5500 gamekeeper members of the NGO and SGA in February 2011) was used to assess the quarry, predator and wildlife species found on shooting estates throughout the UK. Shoots were also asked to give details on the number of people involved in gamekeepering
activities on their land, the area managed, amount of game cover planted and/or heather burnt or cut.

The survey was designed to shed new light on important aspects of game management, wildlife distribution and attitudes in the gamekeeping community.


Posted: 08 Jul 2013


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