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Schools Photo Competition 2016

The judging is complete and the results are in!

The three winners of the NGO Educational Trust photographic competition, funded by ‘Spider’s Heritage’, through donations from the countryside community, can be seen on the left.

The Pheasant – by Anne Ward (Sophie Ward’s mother Year4) Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni, Monmouthshire.

This is a lovely study of a wild bird in a beautiful and bountiful wild flower meadow. The colours of the wild flowers perfectly complement the plumage of the pheasant.

Black Swan – Olivia Marshall (Class 3j) Sharmans Cross Junior School, Solihull.

This is a striking portrait of a black swan, the plumage above the beak is captured in fine detail and the direct in your face look from the swan almost challenges the viewer to back away.

Muntjac in the Forest – Charlotte Windett – Greenacre School, Banstead, Surrey.

This is an excellent capture of the timid little deer. The muntjac has obviously spotted the photographer and is checking out the risk and contemplating its next move.

Congratulations to our three winners whose schools will be receiving their prizes very shortly.

The winning photographs and a further six highly commended photographs can be seen in our Competitions Gallery.

Click Here to view the photos


Posted: 08 Sep 2016


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