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Children enjoying learning about the countryside with the NGO Educational Trust

Welcome to the NGO Educational Trust


About Us

Conserving the Balance

Here at the NGO Educational Trust we believe it is important for everyone to know just how our beautiful countryside is managed.


Whatever your interest in the countryside, you will find a wealth of useful information in this site.

Latest Educational Resources

Conservation Fact File 9 - Grey Partridge



Learn more about the Grey Partridge, an endangered species, and what help we can give them. This video is accompanied by classroom worksheets.

Age Range


Conservation Fact File 8 - European Hedgehog



Learn why the European Hedgehog is endangered and how we can help them. This video is accompanied by classroom worksheets.

Age Range


Conservation Fact File 7 - Wild Your Garden



We can all help our dwindling wildlife by using our gardens to attract more species. This video is accompanied by classroom worksheets

Age Range


What The Science Says

What the Science Says is an online resource run by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. The website is intended to fight misinformation by clearly presenting scientific facts to counter misleading claims made in the press and on social media.

Here are some examples of the claims that have been checked:


Looking for More?

Teachers & Education


gamekeeper teaching children

We have an awesome array of educational resources for you to excite your students with, created by ourselves and other countryside organisations.


Resources include presentations, worksheets, lesson plans. Check out our National Curriculum Key Stage navigator

Gamekeepers & Land Managers

gamekeeper starting a heather burn

The best way to explain the role of Gamekeepers & Land Managers is to demonstrate it. Get involved with your local schools and arrange visits - bring the classroom to the countryside!

Find out here what you need to do to host safe and educational visits.

Role of a Gamekeeper

gamekeeper and his dog overlook the moors

49 out of 50 people have never met a gamekeeper.


Use this area to find out what Gamekeepers do and how their work helps to shape and sustain the British countryside.

Learn More About

The Countryside

overlooking the lake from the moorland

Have you ever wondered what goes on in our countryside? Well the NGO ET is here to help you understand more about what happens when we manage the countryside and when we don't.

Our Countryside Blog will bring you articles about countryside issues and the creatures that inhabit our beautiful land

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