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The classroom is changing. The introduction of IT into the classroom brings opportunities to excite the students with a greater range of subject matter from a wide variety of sources. We have a vast array of educational resources that can be used in the classroom, from videos to Powerpoint presentations and associated lesson plans and worksheets. 

Have you considered taking the classroom into the countryside? How about exciting your students by showing them the countryside in action. Try visiting a local estate to see and understand more about how the countryside is sustainably managed by Gamekeepers and Landowners.

More and more we talk about biodiversity and the balance of nature. Talking to a gamekeeper can bring that whole subject to life. It's all about balance.

The benefits of this approach to education run in two directions:


For teachers - Visiting estates is about bringing the classroom to the countryside. Here is a way to have qualified professional gamekeepers teach your school children Geography and Science in the countryside environment.

For children - What can be more fun for a child than to get out into the countryside and learn about how it all works. Where do birds get their food? How to recognise the predators and the prey. Why are there wild flowers at the side of the field? The children have even been known to go home and teach their parents about why dogs should be kept on leads in the country.


We can help you fire the imagination of your ecologically savvy students. Keep scrolling down for ways in which we can help bring the countryside to life for your students.

For Teachers


Educational Resources

We have produced educational resources that are ready for use in the classroom. They include Teacher Notes to accompany the Videos, Presentations and Worksheets for the children to use.

Use our Key Stage Navigator to find the best resources to meet your National Curriculum learning objectives.

You may download the materials free of charge.

Additionally. the Educational Resources Hub contains materials gathered from other organisations that may be of interest not only to students, but also for the general public who wish to know more about countryside management.



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Every year our roadshow team, which is staffed by real gamekeepers, heads out to numerous venues with their travelling exhibition containing information boards, gamekeeping exhibits such as examples of predators and examples of the equipment used by gamekeepers. The exhibition unit is staffed by experienced gamekeepers who are used to presenting to children and adults of all ages and passing on their knowledge and wisdom regarding gamekeeping in the British countryside.

At all these events children and teachers have the opportunity to learn about the countryside. Many of the children will have very little experience of the countryside and how the work of the gamekeeper has such a beneficial role in the conservation of the wildlife to be found there.

The events we visit include BBC Countryfile Live, School Farm & Country Fair at Trinity Park, Countrytastic, Rhug Country Fair and many more.

Each year, from March to September, a number of estates open their doors to invite schools to experience the countryside and to learn how our countryside is managed and how the role of the gamekeeper shapes our varied wildlife habitats.

Our roadshow team are present at many of the estate days to provide learning focused talks and demonstrations of the art of the gamekeeper and the habitats they operate in. We have a set of display boards that are used to show the school children the various aspects of the countryside, to explain the balance of nature and man's part in maintaining that balance.

When visiting estates the resident gamekeepers will also talk the children through various displays, including such items as trapping for predator control, working dogs, and the various tools of the trade.

You can also be assured that the estates/farms are thinking about safety too. The NGO Educational Trust has prepared Adopt a School guidance and also sample site and activity assessments to help estates/farms and schools feel confident of a safe and enjoyable visit.

Estate Visits

A gamekeeper teaching children at a country estate
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