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Gamekeeper showing children a humane predator control trap

The National Gamekeepers' Organisation Educational Trust was established in 1999 and is a UK Registered Charity, number 1076923.


As the name suggests, its founding body was the National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO). But the NGO Educational Trust is an independent charity, with separate Trustees who are bound by the Charity Commission to conduct their work in a balanced and factual manner.


Forty-nine out of fifty people say they have never met a gamekeeper. Public knowledge of gamekeeping is very low and entirely dependent on what is reported by the media. We want to present the true facts about the profession. We particularly want the young to know what gamekeepers do.

Our Aims

Our aims are published with the Charity Commission and are as follows:

To educate the public, particularly schoolchildren and their teachers, in matters to do with:

  • the wise and sustainable use of natural resources

  • the observation of wildlife and biodiversity

  • the protection, improvement and restoration of wildlife habitats

Furthermore we aim to improve their understanding and appreciation of the role that Gamekeepers play in countryside management.

Children in front of a countryside display

What We Do

The NGO Educational Trust is involved in a wide variety of activities, including:


We have a travelling exhibition containing information boards, gamekeeping exhibits such as examples of predators and examples of the equipment used by gamekeepers.

The exhibition unit is staffed by experienced gamekeepers who are used to presenting to children and adults of all ages and passing on their knowledge and wisdom in a fun and informative way.

Keep an eye out for our event calendar showing where and when the roadshow will be appearing at showgrounds and estate events all around the country.


An important component of the work we do is to produce educational materials which relate to the National Curriculum. Our in-house materials have been aligned with parts of the English and Welsh National Curriculums by an independent team of consultants.

Try our Key Stage Navigator here.

We also host many other off-curriculum materials from a range of sources. Our on-curriculum materials, including guided presentations, worksheets and lesson plans are also available through the Times Educational Supplement website.

Yvonne Hayes of the NGO ET working with children at an estate day


We provide advice and guidance regarding the partnership between the Gamekeepers & Land Managers and the teachers and their students.


Land Managers and Gamekeepers can benefit from advice about how to safely host, what to show and how to interact with both children and adults.

Advice for teachers centres around how to use the visits to enthuse the children about the countryside, ensuring the safety of the children and suggesting ways in which to generate on-curriculum exercises for the children

Our Aims
What We Do

Meet The Team

We are very proud of the people who do amazing work for the NGO Educational Trust, be they paid or volunteers they all have the aims of the Trust at heart, to improve public understanding and appreciation of wildlife habitats.

Our Trustees

As a registered charity the NGO Educational Trust has a number of Trustees and they are:

Brian Hayes - Trust Administrator, former Head Keeper to the Enville Estate

James Sunley - Chairman of Trustees, CEO of Sunley Holdings
Simon Lester - Retired gamekeeper now wildlife consultant and author
Geoff Garrod - Head keeper:- Audley End Estate
Tony Rolfe - Gamekeeper
Ian Coghill - Former Chairman, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Brian spends many days at events and estate days with the NGO Educational Trust's roadshow, educating children in the ways of the countryside.

Regional Representatives

A gamekeeper talking to children about foxes

Assisting the Trustees with furthering the aims of the NGO Educational Trust are a number of Regional Representatives.


These volunteers attend many events in their area, not only schools when the opportunity arises, but Estate days, Countryside Live days, Countryside Learning days etc. They all have exhibition display boards, taxidermy etc etc. and present to pupils describing the role of the Game and Land Manager in Conservation and Habitat management.

They can also provide advice and guidance to schools on what can be learnt from visiting estates and farms and advise estates on how best they can interact with the schools to create an exciting and safe learning environment.

Rebecca Houseman
Gerald Gray
Jim Eames
Meet The Team


I was very proud to be invited to be a Patron of The National Gamekeepers' Organisation Educational Trust.

I have had a strong and long association with gamekeepers, ghillies and stalkers that I considered to be one of the most important ingredients in my life. I am the grandson of a gamekeeper who was Head Gamekeeper for the late Viscount Weir, whose land for shooting was near Eaglesham in Scotland. My Father brought me up to shoot and fish and much of my early days were spent "under the wing" of my Grandfather. One of life's true gentlemen, with wonderful dignity, presence and yet firmness that gamekeepers can have, so that is why the family did not have any land.

My early shooting was created through my Father having a clay pigeon trap that we used in the field at the back of our house. This only began when I was 14 years of age, but my passion for shooting developed quickly and I won my first trophy that same year. From then on there was no looking back. I was driven around Scotland going to clay pigeon shoots from the Borders to the North, whether it was the Western Highlands or on the East coast.

I was to go on and shoot for Scotland, where a large proportion of the team was made up of gamekeepers, all with a good eye and great company to be with. Impressive years for a young boy growing up. Iwent down to England and Wales a great deal for shooting before I was old enough to drive a car. I stayed on shooting competitively until I was 23 years of age by then, shooting for Britain as well as Scotland. They were the most important learning years of my life in many ways, mixing with some of the best people that you could find.

I have never lost the enjoyment and appreciation of what role gamekeepers play in rural Britain. The. country would be a poorer place without them and the job they do is enormously important for the environment. Some of the wisest people I have met during my life have been gamekeepers, so I am very proud of my family stock and to this day have never stopped learning from keepers and getting an immense of pleasure from being in their company. That is why I am extremely proud to support The National Gamekeepers' Organisation Educational Trust as a patron.

Our Patrons

NGO ET patron Sir Jackie Stewart OBE
NGO ET Patrons The Duke  & Duchess Of Buccleugh & Queensberry


Richard, 10th Duke of Buccleuch and 12th Duke of Queensberry, KBE,FRSE,DL succeeded his father to the Dukedoms in September 2007.

Born in 1954, educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, he is married to a fellow Borderer, Lady Elizabeth Kerr.

They have 4 children, Louisa, Walter, Charles, and Amabel.

The Duke took over as Chairman of the Buccleuch Group of companies from his father, but he has been deeply involved in management of the historic family estate businesses, heritage properties and art collections from an early age.

Caring for the irreplaceable Buccleuch countryside and its rich history is a labour of love for the Buccleuch family and Group. In a legacy passed down through generations, the Duke sees himself as a steward of the magnificent estates; a protector of times past and present; a guardian for the future.

Our Patrons

Our Friends

Here at the NGO Educational Trust we are blessed with a number of like minded organisations that are committed to raising the awareness of countryside issues not only with the public, but more importantly with the youth of today.

We are very grateful to our friends for their support for the work we do as an Educational Trust and also for the contribution they make to our Educational Hub, providing educational material to inform and motivate people to care about how our countryside is managed.

Two children looking at pheasant chicks on an estate visit
National Gamekeepers' Organisation
Parent body representing Gamekeepers
The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust
The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust is a unique organisation dedicated to helping gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies who find themselves in difficult circumstances.
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
The leading UK charity conducting scientific research to enhance the British countryside for public benefit.
Training and skills learning
TES Teaching Resources
TES Teaching Resources is where teachers share and download free lesson plans, classroom resources, revision guides and curriculum worksheets. Includes NGO ET material.
Countryside Classroom
A great source of teacher and student friendly learning material. Also hosts the NGO ET resources.
Taste of Game
Taste of Game informs people about local and natural produce that has been harvested or hunted, encouraging the sustainable, best practice use of a natural food. The site also contains amazingly tasty recipes using this natural resource.
Our Friends
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