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Conservation Fact File 3 - Habitats Upland

Conservation Fact File  3 - Habitats Upland

A short YouTube video that introduces the role of game & conservation managers in conserving the balance and biodiversity in the Upland habitat.

Game & Conservation managers operate in three main habitats; Farmland, Uplands and Woodlands. This second habitat video demonstrates just some of the ways in which game & conservation managers conserve the balance and diversity of species on the Uplands, an environment challenged by weather, wildfires and loss of flora and fauna.

The video is accompanied by classroom worksheets to help reinforce the learning and ignite the interest of children in the ways in which our countryside works.


KS2 Science: Working scientifically, Plants, Living things and their habitats,

KS3 Biology: Working scientifically, Interactions and interdependencies: Relationships in an ecosystem, Earth and the atmosphere

KS3 Geography: Human and Physical

KS3 History: Landscape shaped by humans

KS4 Biology: Selective breeding, Extinction, Ecology-Communities within ecosystems, Decomposition, Impact of environmental change, Biodiversity, Maintaining biodiversity,

KS4 Geography: Ecosystems

Resource Files


Uplands Habitat Video


Knowledge Check Questions


Further Research Task


Application of Knowledge
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