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Conservation Fact File 5 - Predator and Pest Control

Conservation Fact File 5 - Predator and Pest Control

Another video in the Conservation Fact file series. This time we cover predation control.

There are many species that are endangered and thus need to be protected from predation. Gamekeepers create Predator and Pest Control Management Plans which determine how, under current legislation, the range of avian and mammalian predators can be prevented from preying on these vulnerable species.

Aimed at Key stage  3,4 & 5, 11-18 year old children the video is accompanied by classroom worksheets to help reinforce the learning and ignite the interest of students in the ways in which game and conservation managers keep the balance in our countryside.


KS2 English: Writing and Spoken Language

KS2 Science: Working scientifically, Living things and their habitats, Animals, including humans

KS3 English: Writing

KS3 Science: Working scientifically, Interactions and interdependencies: Relationships in an ecosystem

KS3 Geography: Human and Physical

KS3 History: The importance of trees in history, Landscape change from human activity

KS4 English: Writing, Speaking and Listening

KS4 Biology: Extinction, Ecology - Communities within ecosystems, Impact of environmental change

KS4 Geography: Ecosystems

Resource Files


Predator & Pest Control Video


Knowledge check questions


Further research task


Application of knowledge - Bird predators


Application of knowledge - Mammalian predators
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