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Conservation Fact File 6 - Goggle-Eyed Wader

Conservation Fact File 6 - Goggle-Eyed Wader

A short video about the Stone Curlew, a bird on the Birds of Conservation Concern Amber List. Learn about the bird, it's migrations, habitat and defence mechanisms and how game and conservation managers are working with farmers and landowners to help protect the nesting sites of these beautiful endangered birds.

The video is accompanied by classroom worksheets to help reinforce the learning and ignite the interest of students in the ways in which game and conservation managers help keep the balance in our countryside.


KS1 Maths: Measures

KS1 Science: Animals, including humans, Living things and their habitats

KS1 Citizenships: Preparing to play and active role as citizens

KS1 Geography: Place knowledge

KS2 English: Writing and Spoken Language

KS2 Maths: Measures, Statistics

KS2 Science: Working scientifically, Living things and their habitats, Animals, including humans

KS2 Citizenship: Jobs

KS3 English: Writing

KS3 Maths: Statistics

KS3 Biology: Working scientifically, Interactions and interdependencies: Relationships in an ecosystem,

KS3 Citizenship: Volunteering and responsible activity

KS3 Geography: Geographical skills, Human and Physical

KS4 Biology: Variation and evolution, Ecology - Communities within ecosystems, Impact of environmental change, Maintaining biodiversity, Farming techniques

KS4 Geography: Ecosystems

Resource Files


Goggle-Eyed Wader Video


Knowledge Check Questions


Further Research Task


Application of Knowledge
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