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Fisheries Research Report

Fisheries Research Report

This package has been produced by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust for a target audience of older pupils or adults. Trials suggest it may also prove a valuable resource for Wildlife Management students or 'A' level candidates in Geography and Biology.

The 2015 report builds on the previous year's, adding further data on the survival rates and migratory patterns of salmon and trout on the river Frome. The research team are using the latest technology to capture and tag both salmon and, more recently, trout in order to assess their movement and survival rates in both the river and the sea.

The recent drive towards renewable energies has caused a marked increase in applications for small-scale hydropower schemes. These schemes often involve the installation of generating hardware such as an Archimedes screw. However, very little is known regarding the impact of such installations on fisheries and the freshwater ecosystem and the potential damage to fish which may pass through the rotating turbine. This report provides real data for the Bindon Mill turbine.


KS3 Mathematics: Statistics

KS3 English: Writing Non-Narrative

KS3 Biology: Working Scientifically, Interactions and interdependencies: Relationships in an ecosystem

Geography: Geographical skills

KS4 English Language GCSE

KS4 Maths: Statistics, Graphical representation of data, Measures

KS4 Biology: Selective Breeding, Ecology - Impact of environmental change, Maintaining biodiversity, Farming techniques, Decomposition, Food security

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GWCT Fisheries Research Report 2015
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