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The Keeper

The Keeper

Produced by the Moorlands Association this package has been produced for a target audience of younger pupils or adults.

In this award winning 17-minute DVD, Adam - who is lost on the moors after becoming separated from his school party - meets Fred, the gamekeeper. On the way back to the minibus Fred teaches Adam about the moorland - the landscape, the wildlife it supports, the bird species which need protecting, the importance of sustainable management and the need to maintain a natural balance.


KS1 English: Writing and Reading aloud

KS1 Science: Plants, Animal including humans, Living things and their environment

KS1 Geography: Human and Physical

KS1 Citizenship: Preparing to play an active role as citizens

KS2 English: Writing and Spoken language

KS2 Science: Plants, Living things and their habitats

KS2 Citizenship: Jobs

KS3 Geography: Human and Physical Geography

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The Keeper Video
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