Waders on the Fringe

Waders on the Fringe

Gamekeeping and predator control was widespread across Britain in the 19th century. Some now very common predators, like crows and magpies, were consequently comparatively rare a hundred years ago. Others like the fox were also substantially less common. If we are to restore some of today's vulnerable and declining birds we need to understand how this formerly widespread predator control for gamebirds affected other wildlife. 

The Upland Predation Experiment at Otterburn was designed to explore this.

Only on upland grouse moors is predator control now practised extensively to support wild game shooting, so the experiment was based on the type of predator control adopted by grouse keepers.

This package has been produced by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust for a target audience of older pupils or adults. Trials suggest it may also prove a valuable resource for Wildlife Management students or 'A' level candidates in Geography and Biology.

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GWCT Otterburn Upland Predation Project Report