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Woodcock Watch

Woodcock Watch

Inspire your students and school watching the migration of the Woodcock across Europe!

This Lesson Plan series, created by Nicola Sutton, shows you how to follow individual birds as they fly across the northern countries of Europe. Using the Game & Wildlife Conservancy Trust's satellite tagging programme your students can choose an individual woodcock to follow and see its' progress on Google maps. The lesson plans not only encourage students to follow a bird, but also to learn about their habitats, languages & culture of the countries they fly through and use basic maths to work out distances flown and speed of flight.

The GWCT offer a free woodcock sponsorship to any school so that their pupils can share in this fascinating experience, tracking a woodcock as it migrates across Europe and back again, sometimes even to the very same field. The free school woodcock pack includes a certificate of sponsorship, factsheets and regular email updates about the progress of the school’s chosen woodcock.

Register your school

Registering is simple. All you have to do to register your school to receive a FREE woodcock sponsorship kit is email and we will contact you to discuss your free pack. Please note this is only available to direct applications from schools.


KS2 Maths: Measurement, Statistics

KS2 Geography: Place knowledge, Human and Physical geography

KS2 Science: Working scientifically, Living things and their habitats, Animals including humans

KS3 Maths: Solve problems, Statistics, Geometry and Measures

KS3 Geography: Place knowledge, Human and physical geography

KS3 Science Biology: Working Scientifically, Interactions and interdependencies

KS3 Art & Design: Use a range of techniques to record their observations

Further information is available here:

Science programmes of study

Geography programmes of study 


KS2 Geography: Skills Locating places, environments and patterns 1, Communicating 1, 2

KS2 Science: Range Interdependence of organisms 5, 7

KS3 Geography: Skills Locating places, environments and patterns 1, Communicating 1

KS3 Science: Range Interdependence of organisms 4, 5, 6


Level Second/Third Mathematics/Numeracy

MTH 2-12a MTH 2-17d MTH 2-18a MNU 2-10c MNU 2-20b MNU 3-10a MNU 3-11a MNU 3-18a

Social Studies SOC 2-12a SOC 2-14a SOC 2-16a SOC 2-19a

Science SCN 2-01a SCN 2-02a SCN 2-20b SCN 3-01a SCN 3-20a

The resource includes lesson plans for the teacher and student workbook.

Resource Files


Student Workbook


Lesson Plans


RHET Lesson Plans
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