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The Conservation Manager

Richard Bailey’s job title, Conservation Manager, describes his work on the moors of the Goyt Valley, delivering a host of public goods including habitat for some of the UK’s rarest wildlife. A good example is the curlew, which has declined by 64% across the UK since 1970 and is globally threatened. Like other grouse keepers in the Peak District, Richard employs measures to provide suitable nesting space for the much-loved wader and a host of other nationally declining species by restoring moorland vegetation through conservation grazing, controlling invasive bracken, and cutting and burning heather.

He said: “Curlew and golden plover prefer shorter vegetation. I’ve got footage of us cutting in March and them nesting on that ground six weeks later. I’m also delighted that counts show most grouse moors in the Peak District did really well with their waders last year in spite of continuing national declines.”


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